Knowing that he can't persuade Muzi Li, Minmin can only move his elder brother out. Does Mr. Shi Bing have any requirements for the number of people. Speaking of Chinese medicine, ye Jianwen is no stranger. This time, the aura from Song Chunmei's body condensed into two aura chains. Listening to Yi Zuer's report, Shi Lei immediately understood Li Jianguo's plan before. The Xiao Feng can't wait to ask, because he has been vaguely aware of what. The enemy rushes in front of you. If you don't kill him, he will kill you. Huo Yuhao has not encountered a rival with stronger mental power than himself for a long time. Obvio Compared with infantry, the cavalry of the Qing army was able to rely on the advantage of speed and "Good. Ha ha, er Leng Zi did a good job. Just a few more times, ha ha!" "King Du, please calm down and listen to the students She knows that at this moment, her love with Lu Jing has ended and her love with Lu Jing has matured The woman frowned and said, "she doesn't care about these things. How can she give orders in per Dissatisfied way: "Mr. Lu, are you kidding me? If so, why should I sell the shares to you?" As Zhou buchen ascended the sky list, the man seemed to jump out of thin air. Zichen has been attacking 30 times in a row. The body of the leader of Jin nationality is crumbling, It seems that Shi Bing is familiar with him. To be honest, Xu long can't meet the price requirements of his construction team, but it's n

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