He found that he really fell into Wang Yun's language trap. It was not a conspiracy, but a consp Xu also wanted to have a talk with Viscount Samuel. When he decided on the deal, he caught sight of Not to mention the demon capital, there are seven big cities close to the demon capital, and then th The black wolf demon sighed helplessly. He shook his head, and then with a few of the wolf demons wi The six character camp was jubilant, and Ziche company refused to let go of Xie Qingyun, asking him Cheng Fei Gai looked up at Mo Zhitao and asked, "Mr. Mo, is this the case?" Yue Xinnan laughed and said, "thank you very much. Do you have any more? I'll see how many other One stamp of foot, landslides, invisible shock wave swept in all directions, all Tianjiao are swept, After reading this, Yang Kai steps forward again and goes to the position opposite to the woman. Jiang Leyou said, "well, well, anyway, you can eat for nothing here on weekdays. Let me go for you." At this time, the thunder of thunder beast has hit Liu Wuying.     ************************************************************************************************ Chen Jiu suddenly realized what was common. He was anxious to ask. Gongzhiyun also heard the words of the two Lich saints, so she knew that the human holy land, the fi After hearing Xu Wei's words, long Aotian does not have the slightest fear on his face, but look Fortunately, they were not attacked immediately after being inhaled into the black hole, nor did the Shen Kui took out a mirror and used a special soul to come to the place where the utensils lived. At present, LuoMing is obviously a substandard product.

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